What We Grow

We grow over 250 different varieties of vegetables and flowers!

Early Season

(Typically late April through mid-June)

snap peas mesclun mix
arugula spinach
salad greens cabbage
broccoli rabe bok choy
radishes swiss chard
salad turnips kale
broccoli collards
beets scallions
lettuce herbs


(Typically mid-June through August)

carrots kale
slicing cucumbers summer squash
pickling cucumbers beets
broccoli string beans
beets zucchini
peppers eggplant
new potatoes Swiss chard
kale mix collards
lettuce cauliflower
tomatoes herbs
radishes flowers

Late Season

(Typically September through late November)

baby ginger mesclun mix
tomatoes Brussels sprouts
peppers beets
celery cabbage
potatoes kale
winter squash fennel
cauliflower bok choy
carrots Swiss chard
eggplant radishes
garlic salad turnips
onions leeks
lettuce melons
spinach flowers