Welcome to Lyonsville Farm, LLC

Plants can now be preordered through our online shop here. Take 15% off orders until March 1st! We’re excited to go into greenhouse season renewed, more organized, and more prepared! Last year was hectic and I thank you so much for your patience.

CSA Update: We are still making decisions regarding the CSA and will let you know ASAP!

I am so very excited to welcome Hana to the farm as my business partner! Hana lives in Buckland and has been farming with Old Friends for 8 years. She is an excellent grower and brings lots of enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity. We have a giant list of exciting ideas to explore that includes new crops and new ways to grow them! 

Our Farming Practices

We are a small, diversified vegetable (and herbs, and flowers, and small fruits!) farm growing on 3 intensive acres. We believe in farming with the least amount of negative impact to the land and environment as we can. Therefore, we farm using only organic and sustainable techniques. We feed our soil by practicing soil-building cover cropping, and amending with minerals. We control pests by rotating crops, using row cover, and trap-cropping. We spray for pests only as a last resort, and only with the least harmful, natural, organic sprays. We are very conscious and appreciative of our friends, the bees, and maintain a pollinator habitat with flowering clover as well as other flowering perennials and annuals.

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