Welcome to Lyonsville Farm, LLC


Plants may be picked up on the farm daily. (I am not doing produce pick up on the farm as of yet because it is just a little too difficult to coordinate.) Plants and produce can be picked up at the Greenfield Farmers’ Market on Saturdays!  ORDER HERE

Please Note: It has been a cold spring! Cold-hardy plants such as kale, Swiss chard, onions, lettuce, and most herbs will be available April 27th for those wanting an early start. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and flowers will be available in May. We recommend waiting until at least May 15th to plant the frost sensitive items. You are welcome to leave the cold sensitive plants with us to take care of until you are ready. 

Please Also Note: I will be taking orders for the Saturday Greenfield Farmers’ Market from Sunday through Friday until 3pm. This week we will have Baby Lettuce Mix, Spinach, and Radishes to eat along with lots and lots and lots of herb, flower, vegetable, and houseplants! Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks to the new market rules in response to Covid-19. 

***If you wish to pay with SNAP/HIP or by check or cash, please email me at lyonsvillefarm@ymail.com with a list of what you would like.*** 

Lyonsville Farm, LLC has moved! We are now located on Route 112 in Buckland at Atherton Farm. We are a small, diversified vegetable farm growing on 2 intensive acres. For directions, please look here.  

Our Farming Practices

We believe in farming with the least amount of negative impact to the land and environment as we can. Therefore, we farm using only organic and sustainable techniques. We feed our soil by practicing soil-building cover cropping, amending with minerals, and spreading compost. We control pests by rotating crops, using row cover, and trap-cropping. We spray for pests only as a last resort, and only with the least harmful, natural, organic sprays. We are very conscious and appreciative of our friends, the bees, and maintain a pollinator habitat with flowering dandelions and clover, as well as other flowering perennials and annuals.

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