CSA Shares

CSA is a share of produce purchased before the upcoming season to help fund the farm’s purchase of supplies, seed, and equipment. In exchange, shareholders receive a weekly amount of produce of their own choosing. Shares are set up ‘market style’ and members are free to choose the items that they would like. This means, if you don’t like kale then you don’t need to take it! Some items may be limited depending on supply. We do not pre-box items unless requested. In addition, shareholders have access to pick their own herbs, flowers, beans, and tomatoes. Shares run for 20 weeks from the first week of June through mid-October.

How do CSA members benefit?

In return for a CSA member’s support, the CSA member sees a cost savings in produce. A member’s weekly share costs $28.75, but the value of produce that you receive is worth $30-55 for most weeks, increasing as the season progresses. That is a cost savings of up to 47%!

What is in a share?

Share variety changes throughout the season and is dependent on the weather. Most every week you will receive the components to make salads  (mesclun mix, arugula, spinach, lettuce, etc) and main meals (bunched greens, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beets, etc).  For a more complete list, please visit our What We Grow page.


This year we are offering two share sizes. Shares are a generous tote bag (size depending on share size)  filled with your choice of vegetables plus additional ‘out of bag’ items.

A full share will easily feed a family of four.

A small share size will feed two adults.


We now accept most major credit cards for payment!

A full share costs $575 for 20 weeks of produce.

A small share costs $400 for 20 weeks of produce.

There are many payment options to choose from, including payment plans for those that can’t afford to pay the whole cost upfront.

Pick-Up Options

  • Thursdays on the farm from 3:30pm-6:00pm
  • Saturdays at the Greenfield Farmer’s Market from 8am-12:30pm

NEW! Local Deliveries!

Don’t have the time to pick up your CSA share? Pick-up doesn’t fit in well with your schedule? This year we are excited to offer local deliveries to your doorstep! Produce will be delivered in insulated bags late in the afternoon to assure that you will receive produce that is fresh and looking just harvested. Additional cost of delivery is $5/week or $100 total for the season. Delivery is limited to a roughly 15 mile radius (or around a 25 minute drive) from the farm. If you have any questions on whether a delivery is feasible, please contact Maria at lyonsvillefarm@ymail.com.

How do I Join?

You can buy a full payment or put down a deposit on a share through PayPal below or contact me (information below).

Payment Options
Pick Up or Delivery Option

Please call Maria at 413-624-3233 and leave your address on the answering machine. I will send you a CSA brochure in the mail. You can also email me at lyonsvillefarm@ymail.com to request a brochure.

You can also find our brochures on bulletin boards around Shelburne Falls or at the Green Fields Co-op.